Thérèse Reilly

Senior Counsel

10 Aviva Way
Markham, Ontario, L6G 0G1

About Lawyer

Thérèse Reilly, senior counsel at the Markham office having joined Aviva Trial Lawyers. Prior to this she worked as an adjudicator with the Licence Appeal Tribunal. Formerly she was an adjudicator with ADR Chambers. In both positions she adjudicated a number of statutory accident benefit disputes. She obtained a Masters of Law in Alternative Dispute Resolution at York University. She is lawyer and member of the Law Society of Ontario. Prior to her appointment as an adjudicator she served as a senior advisor at the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada investigating privacy breaches.  She also appointed in July 2013 as a Deputy Judge of the Small Claims Court, Central East Region and served in that role until 2017.  She holds a BA and JD from the University of Alberta.